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CRM: Advanced Services

Targeted and Custom Turnkey CRM Packaged

Solutions built on and Zoho

CRM (customer relationship management) systems are no longer optional. They are a critical part of business operations and cover much more than sales. Companies like and Zoho provide robust platforms where almost any business function can be built and automated. Armory 5 works with customers that need to elevate their businesses to the head of their peer class. We help our customers implement turnkey and custom solutions.

Sales Process and Automation

Our sales and automation solution has been tested for over 10 years by companies from a dozen industries. The turnkey sales operations platform is supported by, Zoho, and Net Suite platforms. Our sales process can be quickly modified to meet any companies needs.

Operations Management

Armory 5 builds custom automation for businesses that help manage client service, finance, project management, human resources, and operations. Our team has deep experience defining customer requirements, translating them into CRM functionality, and deploying the capabilities into operational areas.


Our event management solution is a turnkey vendor, sponsor, and event organization platform. The solution automates the set-up and management of events including; sponsor, vendor, venue profiles and critical information, billing and invoicing, and a ton of event management automation and reporting.


Our team has worked in more than a dozen industries in sales, operations, and senior management roles. We know how business work and can build a solution in more than 3 CRM platforms (, Zoho, Netsuite) that will improve your business, reduce expenses, and increase sales.

Connect With Us

Armory 5 is a full service technology firm that empowers businesses by delivering , maintaining and predicting the technologies needed to stay competitive in the marketplace.  With 20+ years of experience serving smart, strategic solutions across multiple industries, Armory 5 is proud of the hundreds of successful relationships built upon the service standards that have proven to be at the core of Armory 5’s unique offering.

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