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Support IT: Help Desk and Experts

Get support from top tech talent.

Help Desk
Remote Monitoring
Onsite Support
Systems Reporting

Strategic Planning

Armory 5 uses industry best practices to assess, plan, design, build and implement your IT infrastructure. Our team of experts spend the necessary time it takes to both understand your unique business needs and what foundation must be laid using scalable, flexible, and reliable industry leading tools. Our C-level consultants act as your outsourced CIO and CTO to help guide your business through a detailed plan that can to hold up to:

  • Business growth or downsizing

  • An expanding and/or distributed user base

  • Security and compliance requirements

  • Implementation or optimization of software (on premise & cloud)

  • New technologies such as mobile devices, virtualization, and cloud computing


Don’t let the impacts of a poorly design network or IT strategy slow your performance or drastically decrease downtime.


Help Desk

Our team of experts are your outsourced IT department; responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them.  We cover everything from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, workstations and mobile devices. Our help desk is there for all of your technology needs. Armory 5 provides services including:

  • Tier 1 and 2 support

  • On demand technical solutions

  • 24x7x365 live support

  • Support solutions for all technology components

Armory 5’s help desk services enable your company to run at its best and minimize downtime.

Remote Monitoring

Armory 5’s trained support team is able to detect and prevent issues before they happen.  Up to date patches and network monitoring is used to identify real-time problems and provide an early warning system against technology issues. If network activity is detected, out support team will work to resolve it even before you call.  Additional remote moniting includes:

  • Network and traffic monitoring

  • System auditing logs

  • Incident responses

  • Security monitoring

  • Desktop and PC health monitoring

  • Firewall setup and maintenance

Armory 5 helps your weigh your options and select the most efficient and appropriate solutions to align with businesses needs.


Onsite Support

Technology breaks. When something goes wrong with your computers, servers, or network infrastructure, you need a partner that can show up quickly and resolve your problem. Armory 5 has full team of support professionals backed with the heritage of responsive service you’ve come to expect.

  • Solving network issues, computer issues, and email problems

  • Managing user needs - ondemand

  • Providing a team of highly skilled engineers

  • Onsite problem solving and support

Armory 5’s onsite support services enable your company to run at its best and minimize downtime.

Systems Reporting


Armory 5 uses advanced network reporting tools helps companies keep their networks running. We work to monitor and identify network and bandwidth usage trends, monitor the availability and uptime of network devices, and check performance metrics such as CPU and RAM usage of your servers and computers. Our tools collects the monitoring data and displays it in easy to read reports and graphs for our team to respond to.

  • Network and traffic monitoring

  • System auditing logs

  • User monitoring

  • Security and threat reporting

  • Desktop and PC health reporrting

Armory 5 is a full service support services company that works to keep your technology up and running.


Connect With Us

Armory 5 is a full service technology firm that empowers businesses by delivering , maintaining and predicting the technologies needed to stay competitive in the marketplace.  With 20+ years of experience serving smart, strategic solutions across multiple industries, Armory 5 is proud of the hundreds of successful relationships built upon the service standards that have proven to be at the core of Armory 5’s unique offering.

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